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December 2011



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Dec. 27th, 2011

LC Shion

Fanfic: Black Gold - Master and Student

I just wanted to put in a note about what my Black Gold fics are about before I post the first one. Waaay back in February of this year I was chat with a fellow Saint Seiya fan and the topic of the Black Saints came up. We talked for a bit about what they were, how they could have come about, and why all of them looked exactly like the Bronze Saints. One of the things we talked about was if there was Black versions of any other Cloths. I jokingly said there might even be someone like Mu who repairs the Black Cloths.

That thought stuck in my mind even after the conversation had ended. That night, using Mu's design as a base, I drew a Black Aries Saint. He didn't have a name, he was just there for fun. But people like him, and I had enough fun creating him that I wanted to draw more. However, I didn't want to just do recolors of the Gold Saints. That would be boring. So these Black Gold Saints would be characters in their own rights. Yet as I drew more of them, the Black Gold Saints stopped being just a design exercise. They started developing their own story, their own plot in my mind. I have cookie-cutter villains that are evil just for the sake of being evil, so these Black Gold Saints started having reasons for what they were doing. They became an organized group, one with the Black Sagittarius Saint as their leader. Why each of them followed him was part of each character's story. I started to really like these guys, and so I started to write about them. Nothing fancy really, just scenes to help illustrated their characters.

That was how the Black Gold series was born. This one was actually mostly finished months and months ago, I just lost track of it until now.

Title: Black Gold: Master and Student

Author: Plantress

Fandom: Saint Seiya

Warnings: No

Authors Notes: See above. OC-centric

Summary: Black Capricorn Cahir returns from his mission to give his Master some unwelcome news: the Gold Saints are indeed back.

'The leader is always the strongest..'Collapse )

Oct. 14th, 2010


To certain writers on SyFy.....

Although I don't think I've mentioned this before, I am a fan of the Stargate franchise. I started watching some of the later season of SG-1, and fell in love with it even when they changed some of the cast. I watched Stargate: Atlantis from it's premier to it's ending. My Mother and my little sister were fans of the franchise too, although it was more of a causal thing with my sister. When we found out there was going to be another Stargate series, we we all excited by it though. The premis sounding intresting and exciting! ....Then the trailers hit. It was not what we were expecting at all. Still, there were a few funny bits and we decided it couldn't be that bad...right?

Now, fast foward a couple seasons and we're still watching...but only out of habit and the faint hope that one day a new team of writers will we take over and things will get better. Does this mean the writers that the show has now are bad? Well, not really. It can be summed up by my little sisters reaction to it:
I mentioned before that she was a fan of the series but only a causal fan. She'd watched some of the end of SG-1, watched a few episodes of SG:A but hadn't seen any episodes of SGU before this Tuesday. Not even fifteen minuets into watching it she suddenly says '...Did anyone from Battlestar: Galatica work on this?' She had only seen a couple of episodes of Battlestar Galatica but even she could tell exactly what was wrong.

SGU isn't Stargate. It's a Battlestar Galatica that they've thrown a few names and concepts into to try and convince us that it really is Stargate. Now, not that Battlestar Galatica was a bad show, but you can't deny that it had a very, very different feel that any of the Stargate series ever had. Battlestar was grim, gritting, dark, and focused more on internal struggles and politics. Stargate was a much more light hearted series that was always more about fighting aliens and saving the universe. Trying to combine the two does not work well, particularly for fans of Stargate. I never watched Battlestar since I'm not a fan of that kind of show. Having Stargate, a show I was a fan of, being turned into that other show is honestly disheartening and annoying.

I'm not sure exactly how many people from Battlestar transferred over to SGU but it's clear it's people with a lot of decision making power. Even the lighting and way the film the show has changed to be something almost identical what was featured on Battlestar. The lighting and scenes are all done in a very dark, grungy styles while the scenes in the other Stargate series were much brighter and more colorful. The whole tone of the show has changed to be closer to what you would expect from Battlestar.

The tone on the other Stargate shows, even at the darkest parts, was one of triumph and hope. It was about adventure and heroes. SGU on the other hand is more about struggle, internal strife and the moral grey area that people run into during crises. It focuses much less on the 'adventures in space' part we knew from Stargate and more on the internal struggles that are happening on board the ship. There's the his aura of helplessness around the whole to Destiny that makes the whole show depressing. It's as if they're trying to show our faces in how much grittier and darker SGU is. Nothing good ever seems to really happen to the characters. There are no light hearted or funny moments. The few that are included seem forced and against the tone of the show. We've watched all the main characters, the characters we actually care about be slaughtered twice in the same show, had a pregnant woman lose her baby because she was shot, had to watch as the commander suffocated one of his men...it's far different than of the other Stargate shows and not really in a good way.

Even large parts of established Stargate lore that should be important is either ignored or glossed over. The entire show takes place on an Ancient ship, amongst Ancient technology yet no one seems to pay much attention to this fact. Rush makes a comment about wanting to ascend, but just what Ascension is, what the Ancients are and what they did are glossed over. The Ancient Gene, which was important in the first two series, seems to have been forgotten entirely. Does everyone who ended up on the ship happen to have the gene or received the treatment for it? Why? The also seem to be bringing elemants over from Battlestar. As my sister pointed out there is a crazy man who keeps hallucinating a woman in Battlestar...something this is startling similar to what is happening to Rush. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other elements from the characters in Battlestar poping up in the equivalent characters in SGU.

The people who transferred over for Battlestar are not bad writers or producers. They just don't seem to have realized that the tone of the Stargate franchise is far different from the show they used to work on. They want to create another dark, edgy series and that does not fit with Stargate.

As I said before, Stargate has stopped being Stargate. Now instead of a new Stargate series, we have a new Battlestar Galatica series set in the Stargate universe. And frankly, as a fan of the franchise, this isn't something I appreciate.

Jun. 12th, 2010

LC Shion

Fic: Pride and Grief

Title: Pride and Grief
Characters: Shion, Alta
Summary: Lost Canvas based. The night after Haukrei is killed, Shion struggles to deal with his own emotions.
Authors Notes: Wrote this because I wanted to write something with Shion and Alta interacting, since they don't do that much in canon. I also wanted to write Shion's reaction to Hakurei's death, since we really don't get to see that in canon.

One night in Aries temple..Collapse )

May. 14th, 2010

Honor, Kaiba

Happy early birthday to me and random fandom ramblings

..Well, my birthday is on Tuesday but the chance that I'll ever remember to update this on my actual birthday is slim, so I'll put this here now. I've already made tenuous plans about what I want to do for my birthday, I just have to figure out when I want to do them. I might try to get the shopping done over the weekend, or if that fails my actual birthday will work too. This year my Mom got tired to trying to figure out what I would want for birthday and just told me that she would take me to pick something out. So far I'm thinking I'll pick out a nice video game to keep me distracted. I already have bookstore gift cards left over from Christmas since I was waiting for the paperback version of the books I wanted to come out. I can get all three this way, instead of being stuck getting only one hardback.

Anyway on the video game front, does anyone know any good XBox360 games? RPG preferably, and no first person shooters please. I fail at those mightily.


On another subject entirely, I have been getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh. It was my very first anime fandom that I actually got heavily involved in, and I remember it being very crazy. I read fanfiction, wrote some myself, and even had my own horrible Yu-Gi-Oh sue! But it was kind of fun, and after watching the most recent series I found myself with more Yu-Gi-Oh plotbunnies pouncing around inside my head. (Whee random timetravel crossovers between series!) As I started writing out the fic, Tea/Anzu suddenly stepped up to take a sort of main character status.
This surprised me for a couple of reasons, one because I hadn't planned to include her this much, and because two, I hadn't liked her very much. However, as I continued to write I found myself having fun with her. She's an easy character to write, and I couldn't remember why I had disliked her. Seriously, I could not remember what it was about her that my teenage self hated. There were no episodes that stood out as her being really annoying in my mind. Her friendship speeches weren't nearly as bad as everyone tried to make them be. So...why had I hated her again?
It wasn't for shipping reasons because I didn't really ship any couples in Yu-Gi-Oh at that time.
It wasn't because of anything to do with Yugi because I didn't care about him. So why did I dislike her so much?
Then I remembered that back then it was something of a fad in the fandom to hate on Tea/Anzu for...for...for liking Yugi I guess. At least I saw a lot of it coming from people who supported Yugi/Yami and someone saw Tea as a threat. That was a big part of the fandom and I remember reading tons of fanfiction everyday. From what I can remember, the Tea in those fanfictions was not the Tea from the show. She was some sort of bitchy harpy that had somehow turned homophobic and lived to break up the happy yaoi couples. I can honestly say that must be the Tea I hated. The Tea from those fanfitions, and not the real Tea. It really was stupid now that I look back on it. At least now I'm a little older, a little wiser, and hopefully will actually be able to writer her in character.

One last thing that boggled me today: Someone complaining that people in the Saint Seiya fandom all hated them for liking yaoi and yuri. People from the Saint Seiya fandom. Hating someone for liking yaoi. A fandom that is basically founded on yaoi hating someone for liking it. I mean, it's not my thing but I have never seen someone run out of the fandom for it. O_o Just what corner of the fandom were they lurking in...?

May. 2nd, 2010


And this is why I perfer second hand things...

I am skinny. Scratch that, I'm a twig, not a lot of curves here. I'm build on very petite lines. My little sister is built the same, so when we go shopping together it's often an adventure. With us it's almost never 'Oooh, that's a cute top/pair of jeans/swimsuit...do they have it in my size?' instead our shopping trips usual degrade into 'Ooh, look, they have XS for this! Is it cute?'. I'm actually used to this by now, but it does get frustrating at times, particularly when I keep finding tops that seem to expect even the smallest girls to have C cup breasts. Is there a reason that they have decided every girl in the US has larger boobs, or is the fashion industry just that out of touch with the fact that there are other shapes besides hourglass? I was talking about this with my sister and she's noticed it as well. It seems to be even more prominent during the summer of course. Then, you have to search carefully to find a top that doesn't expect you to be showing cleavage everywhere. It get very, very annoying when I find a top that fits me perfectly...but has a massive amount of loose cloth in front that it clearly expects me to fill.

Jeans are also frustrating for me since I have an odd shape. If I buy them new then they never fit right. Either the legs are too short or the waist is just a little too wide. My solution is to go to the Goodwill or other places with used clothing. For some reason I can always manage to find at least one pair of jeans that fits me perfectly. My current favorite pair of jeans that I have actually comes from the jeans comes from the time when I was visiting my sister in Utah and forgot mine. I went to Goodwill, grabbed a cheap pair for five bucks, and I've never been happy with them.

I do prefer to shop at second hand places overall, just because they have a bigger selection for people that are slightly odd shaped.

Besides, who wants to pay $30 dollars for a plain white t-shirt anyway?

Mar. 30th, 2010

LC Shion

Saint Seiay Ficlet: Midnight Meeting

Title: Midnight Meeting
Characters: Dohko, Shion. May be Shion/Dohko if you turn your head and squint.
Word count: 1307
Summary: One night after the Holy War, Dohko finds himself unable to sleep and goes for a walk...

One night...Collapse )

Mar. 22nd, 2010

Athena's Owl

Saint Seiya One Shot: Transfer of Power

Title: Transfer of Power
Fandom: Saint Seiya
Word Count: 1824
Characters: Hakurei, Sage
Summary: [Pre Lost Canvas] At the end of the Holy War, Hakurei was chosen to be the Pope. Only the decision was one that he's not pleased with, and he wants out.
Authors Notes: This was sparked when I read the Lost Canvas Chapters that had Shion's flashbacks in them. One of the images that stood out to me was the one of Hakurei heroically leading the rest of the Saints into battle. It made me wonder why, if Hakurei was such a good leader, Sage was the Pope. So, this senario sprang into my mind.

Far back in the mists of time...Collapse )

Mar. 11th, 2010

Chibi Shura


....And my computer might have caught a virus. It's that stupid Vista thing. I knew something was off when it popped up because I do not have anything close to that virus program on my computer. So I immediately opened my anitvirus and started a scan. I am going to try and make sure everything is backed up in some way. I'm getting really tired to this though! I don't go to any strange sites. I don't download anything strange. Why do viruses always seem to find me? I ran a full scan eleven days ago! It was fully updated!

Mar. 7th, 2010

yu-yu hakusho

(no subject)

....I need to update this thing more often, don't I?

Anyway, new to do list:

1. Update fic list and add more fics on here
2. Focus more on getting my multi-chapter fics updated.

Also, I have a group presentation on Monday. Not a huge presentation, it's only five minutes, but I'm still nervous. I hate speaking in front of groups.

I'm currently on Dinotopia and Jim Butcher kicks, and I'm dealing with various plot-bunnies concerning Hakurei from LC. Stupid Altar Saint, why did you have to be so hot when you were younger?

Dec. 23rd, 2009

Honor, Kaiba


I hate trolls. I loathe trolls. Hatehatehate. Particularly very annoying trolls that harass everyone without managing to break rules so we have no cause to ban them. Then cuss people out in Spanish because they know most of the people in the chat won't understand them, as well as driving away all the regular chat members by being obnoxious.


I don't need this when it's this close to Christmas.
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