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I decided to make a master list of all my fics and post it here, since I mostly use this journal to post fics.

I decided to make it easier for people to find the fanfiction on my journal. I'm not sure if it's everything or not, but here's what I have so far:

Saint Seiya Fanfiction

Drabbles/One Shots/Ficlets
Broken Promise -Ikki-centric
Coaster Man -Random dracky thing for my little sister
Our Reason -Thoughts of the Saints who betrayed Athena in the Overture movie.
Responsiblity - Shion-centric
Repeating History - Humorous story about the young goldies
Mother -About a very, very minor character not even mentioned in canon
Beautiful -Siren Sorrento-centric
History Repeats Itself Again -Sequel to Repeating History
Dragon 1/2 -Crack Saint Seiya/ Ranma 1/2 crossover
Ordinary -Shun-centric
Hope -Shion-centric
Question -Humorous fic about the younger Goldies
Dots -Humorous AU about little Athena
Names -Another humorous short about little Athena
NamesII and DotsII -Sequels to the above stories
Surprise -Funny scene between Saga and Kanon
Eternity -A fic about Shun being pope
Of Scorpions -Humor. Milo and Camus-centric.
Protectors -The young goldies meet little Athena
Santa -Cute little Christmas fic about Hygoa, Issac and Camus
Grief -Milo centric piece about Aiolos' death.
Soap Opera -Humor. Saga and Kanon centric
Games -Humor. Sequel to Soap Opera. Milo and Camus centric.
Haunting -Humor. Shion and Dohko centric
Music meme -Short ficlets written to songs
Apart -Kanon Centric
Bowling -Humor. The Goldies go bowling.
Confidence -Aphrodite-centric
Hug -Based on an RP. Shun and Kiki-centric
The Grill -Humor. The Gold Saints BBQ
Ninjas -Humor. Rune-centric
Truth -Humor. LC based.
First Meeting -LC Based. Shion and Manigoldo
~Sparkles~ -Humor/Crack, Twilight inspired
Homesickness -Little Camus and Milo inspired.

100 Theme Challenge
1. Introduction

Second Chance
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part X
Part XI
Part XII

Chapter One

Athena's Idea! Gold Saint Secret Santas!
Chapter One: Athena's Idea
Chatper Two: Shion
Chapter Three: Mu
Chapter Four: Aldebaran
Chatper Five: Saga&Kanon
Chapter Six: Deathmask
Chapter Seven: Aioria
Chapter Eight:Shaka
Chatper Nine: Dohko
Chapter Ten: Milo
Chapter Eleven: Aiolos
Chaptper Twelve: Shura
Chapter Thirteen: Camus
Chapter Fourteen: Aphrodite
Chapter Fifteen: Christmas Eve
Chapter Sixteen: Christmas Day

Warriors Heart -Saint Seiya/Fushigi Yugi
Chatper One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Dino’s Adventures in the Underworld! -Crack, Saint Seiya/Hitman Reborn

Daddy! -Crack, Saint Seiya/Prince of Tennis

Like Diamonds in the Sun -Humor, parody/crack. Saint Seiya/Twilight.

Other Fanfiction
Dislike -Hitman Reborn. Ken centric